Man stuff

Every cool dad needs some man stuff. Checkout Man Base for some ideas if you are buying for yourself or if you are looking for a gift for a cool dad. They’ve got beer hats, aprons, t-shirts and anything else that might be inappropriate to wear at your wife’s work Christmas party.

Car basics

While there is some overlap between age groups, car seats generally fall into 3 different age categories: 1) 0-6 months old 2) 6 months old – 4 years old 3) 4-7 years old (booster seat) For the first 6 months the convenience of a specialised pull-in/pull-out capsule cannot be overstated – particularly if you have  […]

Bikes, trikes and other toys with wheels

Now this is where a cool dad starts to shine… your child is starting to get more physically active and is looking for a playmate to go and ride their new toy. This is a great time to pull out the old skateboard/bike from the garage and take them down the park. You may start […]

Baby carriers

This may seem obvious but there are a few to choose from… oh and I’m talking about those things that strap around your chest so your child is strapped to you, Baby Bjorn is one of the originals, but there are others out there like Belle which do the same thing. The good quality brands […]

Electronic devices

I’m talking about an iPad or something similar. If you’re not a dad yet and you frown when see those kids with their iPads and what looks like their parents ignoring them and you tell yourself you’ll never do that, well have another think about it when you are a dad. It’s not encouraged by […]

Carry bags

How often have you seen the family walking down to the beach with the dad trailing behind with all the gear pile up on top of him like a pack mule. Let’s face it… it will be you that will carry most of the load so you may as well be prepared. Your wife/partner might […]

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I trust you enjoyed your Father’s Day

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Tactical equipment

Need to be hands free while you’re out and about? Hero outdoors have thought this through and come up with a tactical vest- check it out on their website

The amazing baby mop!!!

Ever wanted a new and inexpensive alternative of the evil robot vacuum? Do you want your baby to feel valued and contributing to your  daily routine? Well .. welcome to the baby mop. Guaranteed to get into every corner (including toilet crevices) that supermarket mops can’t reach. Normal mops merely push the dirt into a […]

This is probably going a little too far

The Very Fast Pram My reaction when I saw this was, cool! But does not endorse having a real baby in a pram like this.  We at appreciate the level of pointless engineering that went into this beast of a pram, you can only wonder what this Dad’s wife said when he said […]

Badly need a drink?

A cunning way to enjoy a sneaky drink at sporting events (or at home if it gets to that point)  Have you ever found yourself in a situation where alcohol was not premitted, like the Wimbledon finals or a childcare P&C meeting and all you want is a smooth drop of singe malt whiskey from […]

Pram bike

You may have noticed that it’s not a dad riding that bike.  I think if it was, the bike might have a few modifications made to it. For instance, I think  a bull bar would be handy because it doesn’t look that safe for the child and you never know when a bull might run […]

Esky pram

Need somewhere to store your beverages? Need to get your child somewhere? Look no further than the Esky Pram. A prototype is still in the developmental phase so you will have to wait to see an image.

Practical yet fashionable

Ok, here’s a couple of clothes you’re gonna need to get you through the week: At least a week’s worth of work attire: You may not get time during the week to wash and dry so the weekends have the tendency to turn into washing and cleaning weekends rather than weekends of relaxing. It’s best […]

no time? shop online

Why put yourself through the hassle of shopping centres when you get just about anything you need from the comfort of your armchair? Sports Direct is dirt cheap but don’t deliver to all countries. JD Sports is also pretty good and does deliver internationally. There are some Australian stores that have cottoned on that online retailing […]