Pram bike

cooldads pram bikeYou may have noticed that it’s not a dad riding that bike.¬† I think if it was, the bike might have a few modifications made to it. For instance, I think¬† a bull bar would be handy because it doesn’t look that safe for the child and you never know when a bull might run out in front of you. Also, I think some kind of horn would be useful… I’m thinking an air horn to get people out of your way – which would also come in handy in case that bull decides to meander across the footpath. Now that I think of it, I’m not sure if those two devices on their own will give you the protection you need should a bull appear, so maybe an electric cattle prod shold be attached somehow – you could give the bull a little zap if he comes too close. While this would be ideal for urban environments, if the wheels could then be replaced with off-roaders they could tap into the Jackeroo market as well. No need for an expensive upkeep for the horses or petrol hungry motorbikes, all you need is your pram bike and a stock whip…. yeeeha!

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