Tough but fair

…and here is Alec and Marky Mark modelling our new range of milk bottle holders for the office. For further info see our post on practical yet fashionable ways to accessorize.

A Stormtrooper

So you’ve had a tough day at work – your boss was riding you about the usual stuff and throat pinching your colleagues, you got beaten up by an ewok and then to top it off a Jedi made you look like a fool by using his mindtrick to make you dance the macarena. But […]

I am your father

He is a dad and he is cool in an evil kind of way… but is he a cooldad? I think he was pretty cool, in a kind of gushy Adolf Hitler sort of way. He definitely had a way with people, if you know what I mean. He was hard on his kids, no […]


While some dads are just naturally cool, there are also those that push the envelope too far to try and be cool. It is important to know where to draw the line. If you’ve seen dads like this about roaming the streets then take a snap and send it in for our review.