A Stormtrooper

So you’ve had a tough day at work – your boss was riding you about the usual stuff and throat pinching your colleagues, you got beaten up by an ewok and then to top it off a Jedi made you look like a fool by using his mindtrick to make you dance the macarena. But at least you can come home to your beautifully cloned family and spend some quality time together.

While this sounds great, I don’t think it qualifies as being that cool – let’s break that down further:

1) Stromtroopers themselves aren’t that cool – maybe if you were an imperial guard or one of those streamlined stormtroopers that ride those awesome flying motorbikes through the forest… what are they called btw?

2) Imagine the grief your wife would put you through every time you got home late from work cos Darth made you stay back and finish scouting the Death Star for rebels that had snuck on board.


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