Baby carriers

This may seem obvious but there are a few to choose from… oh and I’m talking about those things that strap around your chest so your child is strapped to you, Baby Bjorn is one of the originals, but there are others out there like Belle which do the same thing. The good quality brands […]

Electronic devices

I’m talking about an iPad or something similar. If you’re not a dad yet and you frown when see those kids with their iPads and what looks like their parents ignoring them and you tell yourself you’ll never do that, well have another think about it when you are a dad. I do suggest using […]

Carry bags

How often have you seen the family walking down to the beach with the dad trailing behind with all the gear pile up on top of him like a pack mule. Let’s face it… it will be you that will carry most of the load so you may as well be prepared. Your wife/partner might […]

no time? shop online

  Why put yourself through the hassle of shopping centres when you get just about anything you need from the comfort of your armchair? Now there are a couple of countries that are ahead of the game when it comes to online shopping, I’ve found that the UK websites are the best at shipping stuff to […]