Baby carriers

This may seem obvious but there are a few to choose from… oh and I’m talking about those things that strap around your chest so your child is strapped to you, Baby Bjorn is one of the originals, but there are others out there like Belle which do the same thing.

The good quality brands generally range between the AUD$100-$200 mark so they are not cheap, but they are very handy so a good investment if you ask me. If you don’t want to fork out that much see if someone you know doesn’t need there’s anymore. They are fairly tough products so they will withstand a number of hand me down iterations so ebay is always an option. If you want to buy them new here is a few online retailers that you can buy from:

Delivery to USA:

Baby Browns (a cheaper alternative)

Belle Baby Carriers

Delivery to Australia:

Big W

My Baby Warehouse


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