Electronic devices

I’m talking about an iPad or something similar. If you’re not a dad yet and you frown when see those kids with their iPads and what looks like their parents ignoring them and you tell yourself you’ll never do that, well have another think about it when you are a dad. It’s not encouraged by any means because it can be a slippery slope, but they are ideal for those moments when you have to meet friends at a cafe (or pub dare I suggest) and you just need 10 minutes to drink your coffee and have a chat without chasing them round the cafe like a lunatic. It’s also great for long journeys in the car – you can buy slings for them that slide over the back of the passenger seat headrest…. checkout The Snugg online for one of those. Just a tip, you will probably need to buy a matching case so don’t go buying a case that won’t fit into the car sling. If you’re in Australia, JB Hifi and Officeworks do some really good deals on tablets and will price match if need be. Of course, there is always Amazon for just about anything you need.

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