Practical yet fashionable

Ok, here’s a couple of clothes you’re gonna need to get you through the week:

At least a week’s worth of work attire: You may not get time during the week to wash and dry so the weekends have the tendency to turn into washing and cleaning weekends rather than weekends of relaxing. It’s best to have enough clothes to get you through the working week just in case you and your partner are too knackered during the week. Of course if you’re lucky to have a grandparent or cleaner that can do it for you then you don’t need to worry. If you’re after business shirts try Marks and Spencer or Charles Tyrwhitt.

If you don’t mind looking like a member of the SWAT team, a really good idea is to get yourself a combat vest to wear – it sounds odd, but they are very practical when it comes to carrying baby gear around with you.

Tactical vest for dads with babies

Tactical vest for dads with babies

We are also working on a contoured milk bottle that will fit snuggly into your holster as modelled by well known dads: Alec Baldwin and Marky Mark.

Dad's can be tough on their kids sometimes.

Dad’s can be tough on their kids sometimes.











Cargo pants (trousers and shorts): They have plenty of pockets to hold things like wallets, phones, keys + baby shoes, wipes, the odd food snack and anything else your child picks up and gives you as you’re out and about. You can buy them online at The Iconic, Debenhams, Next or Surfstitch and other places mentioned in the online shopping review.


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