The amazing baby mop!!!

Ever wanted a new and inexpensive alternative of the evil robot vacuum? Do you want your baby to feel valued and contributing to your  daily routine? Well .. welcome to the baby mop. Guaranteed to get into every corner (including toilet crevices) that supermarket mops can’t reach. Normal mops merely push the dirt into a corner. The baby mop will push the dirt  into a corner and dispose of it (the baby mop is particularly keen to dispose of sultanas, banana, apple, Yorkshire pudding and porridge .. the baby mop will not dispose of avocado, lamingtons (or other weird Australian food) or kiwi fruit).

Below – The baby mop in action … Stylish and guaranteed to turn heads, the premium baby mop, the ‘Kidman’.. Red and a bit dirty this mop accessory will certainly clean any slippery surface (including ice, bob runs and ski slopes).

the Kidman mop baby mop

The ‘Kidman’ from a different angle .. stylish and hardly recognizable. The Kidman can be worn on any occasion.

Please note that the baby mops are available in a range of styles. Here we have the baby ‘posh function’ mop. 100% guaranteed to please any potential host.

baby mop2

A leading baby psychiatrist has stated:


“ the baby mop is  bloody awesome. It allows babies to feel part of the family unit and clean as they go. In tests, 97% of babies who expressed a preference said that the mop suit increases baby confidence and is the ‘greatest thing since God put nipples on it’’. Ive studied the baby mop for many years and can definitely, definitely recommend it. Im not lying. Anyway, I need to get back to more important things, I have a charity function to attend to and Im still trying to find a way to conquer the universe with flying monkeys. I have no idea where it went wrong last time. The banana strike didn’t do us any favours but the workers have apologised for their ‘moment of madness’ on low blood sugar level. Anyway .. baby mop .. awesome. Flying monkeys .. not awesome. Perhaps we could chop off their wings and put the mops on their feet? At least they’d be doing something useful. They work for fruit and they’re not great with harpoons. I’ll suggest it to my publicist. Did you know the word Monkey and Donkey are similar? Its not a coincidence. They’re pretty much the same beast apart from one has wings. Do you like my beard?” Ming T Merciless – Baby Mop Convention (2013)

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