Bikes, trikes and other toys with wheels

Now this is where a cool dad starts to shine… your child is starting to get more physically active and is looking for a playmate to go and ride their new toy. This is a great time to pull out the old skateboard/bike from the garage and take them down the park.

You may start to notice that technology has advanced since you were a kid so don’t be surprised if the toy your child has loooks way more fun than yours. Here a few of those such toys kicking around that you may want to check out (in order of age bracket).

The Mini Micro (or a similar product) is a winner for a first scooter (2-5 years):

The tricycle (18 months – 3 years):


The bicycle (2-4):

toys 005

The electric vehicle:

While this looks like something a cool dad would endorse because of it’s cool factor, it encourages laziness at an early age and that can only lead in one direction.

Toys 003

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