Product Review: Topeak bike child seat

cooldads topeak-childseatNow if you like getting around on a pushbike and your child is getting close to the 12 months mark then you can start checking out bike seats for connecting to your bike. There are various types: the traditional style on the back of the bike like this Topeak one, or alternatively a seat that goes on the cross bar between the seat and the handlebars (not sure how you’re suppose to pedal though?) and also a baby chariot thing that hooks onto the back of the bike like a trailer. There are pros and cons for each, but I think the most important thing is safety, followed by comfort and practicality.


I bought one of these online from Wiggle after checking it out first at the local bike shop. I gotta say – it’s great. It’s so easy to slide on and off the bike – well panniers actually (which you will have to buy as well) and it feels really safe and rides the bumps quite well with its built in suspension.┬áMy 12month old daughter loved it at first for the novelty factor but that did wear off after about 5 minutes of riding. I also found it hard to keep a helmet on her at that age, but once she got a bit older it got a lot easier. So from about the age of 15 -24 months it was ideal.

My daughter is now 2 and half and is a bit more apprehensive about getting in it, only because I think she wants her independence, so I guess I’m gonna have to go and buy her one of those mini bikes that fastens to the back your bike…. I’m not quite sure about those yet but I’ll keep you posted.

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