When do you know you’re pushing your child too hard?

We all the know the type – the father that’s on the sidelines cheering their kid on… all perfectly fine and encouraging until the yelling starts to intensify, the veins start popping out of the neck and their poor child is looking at their dad in fright rather than focussing on the game.

I’m sure the last thing you want to do is to be counterproductive by pushing your child so hard that they actually perform worse (not to mention long term pyschological issues), as this article suggests. But at the sametime you may feel that if you don’t support them enough it may be the one thing that holds them back from being the future striker for Manchester United.

Now cooldads are no pyschologists so we’re not here to hand out words of wisdom from Sigmund Freud, but suffice to say, the philosophy is about encouraging, supporting and doing in it as much style as possible…. kind of like this Dad playing cricket

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