Product review: Safety 1st travel system (stroller + baby capsule)

cooldads review safety 1st

This is the Safety 1st stroller with a $30 stand clipped onto the back for the 2nd older child to stand on.

I just took this for its first spin round the block and I like it.


  • At 7kg it weighs less than half of the Mountain Buggy
  • It is easy to adjust – you just press buttons on either side of the stroller to pull the bassinet part out, reverse it or angle it.
  • You can swap the bassinet over with the matching car baby capsule without waking the baby!
  • It packs up pretty easily and is easy to chuck in the car
  • While it has 4 wheels for extra stability, it manoeuvres like a 3 wheeler…. which means it passes the supermarket aisle test.
  • You can adjust the height of the handle (in case you and your wife/partner are different heights)
  • The pneumatic (pump up) tyres make it a smooth ride but also able to go off road a bit.


The bassinet doesn’t lie flat so I don’t reckon it would be that great for getting a child younger than 18 months to sleep (notwithstanding that for the first 6 months the child will be in the baby capsule rather than the bassinet).


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  2. Can you please let me understand exactly what brand and model stroller your kids are modeling in the picture? I will certainly be having my second youngster early next year and my daughter stills have to be monitored while walking. Thank you!

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